Top 10 Traits of Great Leaders Do You Make the Cut?

Top 10 Traits of Great Leaders

Do You Make the Cut?

Mary E. Schmidt, ABOC, CPO


Course Description:

This course is designed for office leaders looking to excel. We will give guidance on actions to take to get the best performance from your team. You will determine if you have what it takes to be great. Are you up for the challenge?      

Learning Objective:

            After completing the course, each attendee will:

Have 10 actionable goals to improve their performance.

            Learn to set performance expectations for their leadership.

            Walk through a checklist to improve their performance.

Length of workshop:

            1 hour



Approved CE:

            AOA - pending

            ABO - pending

Needs Assessment:

            New staff members who need to set a baseline performance expectation.

            Experienced staff needing to refresh their skills.

Maximum number of participants:


Additional Equipment:

            None                         925-932-1174