"I Object!" Overcoming Patient Objections

“I Object!”

“I only want what my insurance will cover.” 
“Can’t I reuse my frame again?” 
“You charge me for that????”

These days, it’s hard to argue with frugality.  Sometimes, however, quality should win out over price.   And proper eye care should fall in the “quality” category. This course will prepare your staff to help patients recognize how to make educated decisions based on a greater understanding of what they are getting for what they are paying. It will also allow you to respond effectively when a patient objects about the price of products or services.  After you learn these skills, they will walk away from your practice feeling as though they know more about the importance of quality and eye care.  And they will.

Learning Objective:After completing this course, attendees will have a greater ability to understand patients and direct the information to what will stimulate the right decision.  They will have an increased knowledge about products and services and have the ability to explain them.  Patients will better understand their options and have the ability to make an informed decision.  The focus will be on offering each patient customized options that meet their needs.

Needs Assessment: All staff members willing to improve their patient communication techniques and increase practice profits.

Audience: Paraoptometric

Level: Basic to intermediate

Length of Workshop: 2 Hours

Approved CE: AOA; ABO

Maximum Number of Participants: None

Additional Equipment: None