Anatomy of the Eye - Its Parts and How They Function

Anatomy of the Eye

Its Parts and How They Function

Mary E. Schmidt, ABOC, CPO

Course Description:

This course is designed to give new and experienced staff members a greater appreciation and knowledge of the human eye as well as illustrate how best to explain its function to patients in easy-to-understand language. Emphasis is placed on improving the ability to communicate the disorders, conditions and diseases of the eye to a patient.


Learning Objective:

After completion of this course attendees will:

Be able to identify each part of the human eye

Understand how each part functions

Learn common diseases and disorders of the eye

Have the ability to clearly explain to patients which part of the eye is impacted by glaucoma, cataracts, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and LASIK

Learn triage techniques for sight threatening situations

Improve their confidence and professionalism


Needs Assessment:

Staff members who are new to the field. Staff members who need to clarify their knowledge.

Audience: Paraoptometric; Optician

Length of Workshop: 2 hours

Approved CE: ABO, AOA