Cherishing Change - Allowing everyone to Soar

Cherishing Change:

Allowing Everyone to Soar

How do you make change an exciting, productive and constant part of the practice?   

Try looking around you.  Identify those magic staff members who love to learn new things and become thrilled with the idea of being challenged to grab onto innovative ideas.

This course will assist you in developing and harnessing staff skills while helping your whole team experience skyrocketing morale at work.  We will “help you help those” who have the wings but may not be able to fly yet.  And your patients will let you know that you’re on the right track. When a practice continues to move forward, improve, and yes, CHANGE, you add value and depth to your bottom line.

Learning Objective:Attendees will have the opportunity to learn skills to evaluate staff and focus their strengths in a positive direction.  They will know how to structure meetings, staff appraisals and goal setting in manner that will benefit everyone on staff. 

Needs Assessment: Practices needing to adapt to current changes in the market place.

Audience: Managers, Doctors, Senior Staff

Level: Basic to intermediate

Length of Workshop: 2 Hours

Approved CE: AOA, ABO (pending)

Maximum Number of Participants: None

Additional Equipment: None