Frame Selection & Styling- Choosing the Best Frame for Each Face

Frame Selection & Styling…Choosing the Best Frame for Each Face

How can you tell your patient that the frame of his or her dreams could look extra special with a slightly different shape? How can you be confident about exactly what that shape should be? We’re here to help. Those who complete this hands-on course will learn techniques that will enable them to assess face shapes and discern which frames will most complement patients’ features. We’ll also show you how you can determine just the right fit and maximum patient comfort.

Learning Objective: This hands-on course is designed to improve the confidence and comfort level of all staff members performing frame selection and styling. Attendees will learn techniques to assess face shapes and which frames most complement those features. Fitting parameters for patient comfort and maximum visual clarity will also be covered.   Additionally time-saving methods will be discussed.

Needs Assessment: New and experienced staff members wishing to improve their skills.

Audience: Paraoptometric; Optician

Level: Basic to Intermediate

Length of Workshop: 3 Hours

Approved CE: AOA, ABO

Maximum Number of Participants: 20 (with hands-on session); None (without hands-on)

Additional Equipment:Frames for styling.