Growing Your Practice Who can make that happen?

Growing Your Practice…

Who Can Make That Happen?

Mary E. Schmidt, ABOC, CPO


Course Description: 

Do you have the right people on your team?  Are you suing them to their fullest potential?  Learn the steps to evaluate people, delegate responsibilities, distribute duties, and evaluate the potential of everyone on your team.  Attendees will learn how to evaluate their team, develop their strengths, and realign based on skill and ability and improve the daily flow of information and patients.

This course is designed for the decision-makers in the practice.  It is directed at maximizing staff potential.  Emphasis is placed on improving time utilization and having a positive impact on the work environment.

Learning Objective: 

Attendees will have the ability to critically assess tasks and set a schedule to achieve goals and improve the staff efficiency.  They will learn to evaluate staff and place them in the positions to maximize their positive impact on the practice. 

Length of workshop:

            2 hours




            Team Leaders

Approved CE:

            ABO - Pending

            AOA - Pending

Needs Assessment:

            Practices needing to improve efficiency and increase practice growth

Maximum number of participants:


Additional Equipment:

            None             925-932-1174