Leadership - Absolutes


Leadership Absolutes

Mary E. Schmidt, ABOC, CPO


Course Description:

 There are so many things to learn as a manager.  You must manage different personalities, help your staff to perform to their maximum potential and evaluate schedules, duties, and responsibilities.  This course will enable you to juggle all those responsibilities with greater ease and we will help you with a no-nonsense approach to the most important aspect of the practice: your team.

 Learning Objective:

After completing this course, attendees will:         

Have the ability to hire more effective team members

Understand the basic skills necessary to manage staff successfully

Improve decision-making skills

Provide on-target performance appraisals

Have a positive impact the work environment


Needs Assessment:

           Practices needing to improve organization, efficiency and staff relationships

Length of workshop:  1 hour

Audience: Managers, Practice Leaders, Supervisors                    

Approved CE: ABO, AOA