leadership - Interview Questions - The Best Interview Questions to Ask and Why

The Best Interview Questions to Ask and Why

Mary E. Schmidt, ABOC, CPO


Course Description: 

Finding people to hire right now is hard.  Finding the right people is harder.  Hiring the wrong people is the worst!  Asking the same old questions will get you the same old results.  To prevent making mistakes when hiring you need a plan.  This program will teach you, new questions to ask and how to listen better.  Learn to hire the right for your practice and team!


Learning Objective: 

After completion of this course the attendees will:

            Have the ability to hire more effective team members

            Minimize hiring mistakes

            Avoid poor decision making

            Minimize staff turnover


Length of workshop:

            1 hour



            Practice Leaders


Approved CE:

            ABO  and AOA  pending


Needs Assessment:

            Practices needing to decrease staff turnover, improve morale and increase cash flow.


Maximum number of participants:



Additional Equipment: