Leadership - Motivating Staff - Now More Important Than Ever A Step by Step Guide

Motivating Staff - Now More Important Than Ever

A Step by Step Guide

Mary E. Schmidt, ABOC, CPO


Course Description:


Finding good employees is always a challenge but keeping good employees is critical!  You must manage different personalities, create positive momentum, and keep everyone focused on patient care and not petty problems.  Understanding what motivates each team member, takes skill and effort but it rewards the practice with a great work environment and happy patients.  This course will enable you to achieve all those responsibilities with greater ease and we will help you with a no-nonsense approach to the most important aspect of the practice: your team.


Learning Objective:

After completing this course, attendees will:

Understand techniques to motivate staff.

Have the ability to get a “personal best” from each employee in the practice

Improve their communication skills

Help each staff member have a positive impact the practice


Needs Assessment:

Practices needing to improve moral, staff relationships and patient satisfaction

Length of workshop:  1 hour

Audience:  Managers, Practice Leaders, Supervisors                 

Approved CE:  ABO, AOA