Leadership - North, South, East or West - Which Employee is the Best?

 North, South, East or West -

Which Employee is the Best?

Mary E. Schmidt, ABOC, CPO 

Course Description: 

This course is design to give practice leaders the ability to assess prospective hires, current employees and chart a development plan that is realistic and effective.  Learn how to choose the best new employee and prevent bad hires in the future.


Learning Objective: 

After completion of this course the attendees will:

Understand how to evaluate staff performance and value to the practice

Learn how to set goals for staff members

Develop systems for performance review and evaluation

Understand how to create a positive work environment

Get the best performance from each staff member 


Needs Assessment: Practices with too much staff turnover, unhappy staff, low staff morale,  low patient satisfaction

Length of workshop: 1 hour

Audience:  Managers, Practice Leaders, Supervisor, Doctors

Approved CE: ABO, AOA