Professionalism and Certification - More Than Just a Job

Professionalism & Certification…More than Just a Job

Become more confident in presenting yourself to patients. Set a performance expectation for yourself and others in the practice. Create a sense of responsibility and responsiveness to the needs of patients and the practice. The goal of this workshop is to improve patient relations and increase professionalism and pride in staff members.

Learning Objective: After completion of this course, attendees will be more confident in communicating information to patients and increase their level of professionalism. Each attendee will learn how to exceed the expectation of patients and how to prevent problem situations. Staff will better understand their role in patient retention and practice growth.

Needs Assessment: New staff members who need to set a baseline performance expectation. Experienced staff members who need to refresh their skills.

Audience: Paraoptometric; Optician

Level: Basic

Length of Workshop: 1 Hour

Approved CE: AOA, ABO

Maximum Number of Participants: None

Additional Equipment: None