Words Matter - Choose Wisely


Words Matter - Choose Wisely


Mary E. Schmidt, ABOC, CPO



Course Description:


Have you ever felt tongue-tied when speaking with a patient?  Have you ever simply not known how to respond to a question?  Does the right phrase come to you seconds, minutes, or even hours after the patient has left the building?  There are so many scenarios we can plan for and anticipate, and with practice, you will be ready to respond, if you practice and plan ahead.  This program will give you real world scripts and phrases that you can use to communicate more effectively with your patient.  You’ll know what to say right in the moment and convey your message clearly.  This course will enable you to know what to say, when to say it and how to get your message through.


Learning Objective:


            After completing this course, attendees will:


            Have the ability to clearly communicate the practice policies


            Educate patients


            Improve communication skills


            Increase their confidence in stressful situations


            Decrease misunderstandings and misinformation


            Have a positive impact on patient satisfaction


Needs Assessment:


            Practices needing to improve organization, efficiency and staff relationships


Length of workshop:  2 hours


Audience: All team members


Approved CE: ABO, AOA - Pending