10 Way to Lose a Patient - 1 hour

10 Ways to Lose a Patient

And Not Even Know It

Mary E. Schmidt, ABOC, CPO

Course Description:   

In today’s market, patients can be very demanding.  If you are lucky, they tell you when you don’t measure up.  But if you’re unlucky, they just walk away, without giving you the chance to succeed and they tell others.  This course will allow you to assess your standard practices to ensure you are handling all the basics.


Learning Objective

After completing this course attendees will:

Learn what motivates patient.

Understand their role in patient retention and practice growth. 

Establish standards or behaviors that inspire patient loyalty.

Follow a checklist to success.

Be pro-active in problem solving.


Teaching Method:

            PowerPoint Presentation


            Q and A


Length of workshop:

           1 hour – on line



           Paraoptometric – Optician



Approved CE:

           AOA - approved

ABO - approved


Needs Assessment:

           New staff members who need to set a baseline performance expectation.

           Experienced staff needing to refresh their skills.


Maximum number of participants:



Additional Equipment: