Telephone Triage - 1 hour

Telephone Triage

Emergency or Urgency? 

How Do You Respond?

Mary E. Schmidt, ABOC, CPO

Course Description:

We all want to help a patient in distress but it’s knowing how and when to respond that will make the difference.  Do you know the difference between an ocular emergency and an optical urgency?  Which one requires immediate action and which can wait?  Learn the simple questions to help determine how you respond and which action id best for the patient.   


Learning Objective:

After completion of the course, attendees will understand:

How to evaluate common ocular emergencies versus optical urgencies  

When a patient should be added to the schedule as an emergency and when the patient can wait

Rational thinking, appropriate responses, and quality patient care

Utilizing a checklist to minimize risk


Needs Assessment:

            Staff wishing to motivate staff and maximize their potential.


Length of workshop: 1 hour – on line


Audience: Paraoptometrics, Opticians, Managers


Approved CE: ABO, AOA